Government Regulating Social Media? What’s Next?

First social media, then cameras in your bathrooms. Where do we draw the line? Based on my opening line you can probably determine my viewpoint on whether the government should regulate social media or not. With that said, protecting our first amendment, whether verbally, in written format, or social media outlets, the government has no position in regulating our communication with our communities. The government will start will the small things, and it will begin in a slow process to regulate more and more of what we’re allowed to do. 

I found an interesting read online that listed some of the pros and cons on the government regulating social media. 65 percent of people said that the government should not regulate social media. One of the major cons listed is freedom being terminated. 

First Amendment 

The amendments were written in the first place to protect us from an intrusive government. We deserve and were guaranteed the right to freedom of speech. The first step of political control is taking away our freedom of speech. As soon as we start to go against our amendments, we begin to lose the foundation that our country was built upon. 

Current Social Media Control

The government may not have control of social media platforms such as Facebook, but the way Facebook algorithms work, Facebook is in control of what you see on your feed. Social media platforms are already governing what users see based on their activity online, which has started controversy in the past. 

An example of this would be that during the political year people tend to see posts that affirm their beliefs. Based on the algorithms of your searches or anything that you’re actively engaged in, social media will assume that is content you are interested in and will continue delivering similar posts to your feed. 

Facebook already regulates posts of nudity, slander, and obscene gestures and language, so in a way, our first amendment is already being altered at the hands of those who are making a determination of what’s right and what’s wrong. 

According to an article on Independent, “Facebook’s algorithms are a huge and somewhat mysterious machine that rule our entire lives. The news this week should be a reminder that they are shaping the way we see the world in never before seen ways.”

Keep it Real

The government has a tough time even communicating amongst themselves to resolve the issues that we’re currently faced within the house, senate and congress, let alone being concerned about regulating the social media outlets of the general public. 

It’s apparent that the government can’t play well in their own sandbox, and if that’s the case, they need to stay off our beach.